• Assess Usage Patterns
  • Assess Tariff Change
  • Assess Market
  • Develop Strategy


  • Qualify Suppliers
  • Product Review
  • RPF Administration
  • Offer Comparison
  • Contract Review

PowerPlay is much more than just a company name.  PowerPlay IS a pro-active strategy, that incorporates a continual-improvement model as part of the overall game plan, to help you secure

and maintain an advantage over your energy costs.:

  • Usage Data Collection
  • Initial Usage Analysis
  • Contract Information

  • Price Management
  • Market Outlook
  • Blend/Extend
  • Layered Purchases

  • Verify Switches
  • Review Billing
  • Supplier Issue Resolution
  • Manage Expiration

​​​PLUS...with PowerPlay:

               ALL CUSTOMER SERVICE ISSUES are handled for you, and you are

               periodically updated on legislative changes and market conditions.


  PowerPlay, Inc = providing solutions to POWER your business