• Assess Usage Patterns
  • Assess Tariff Change
  • Assess Market
  • Develop Strategy

  • Usage Data Collection
  • Initial Usage Analysis
  • Contract Information

PowerPlay is much more than a company name.  PowerPlay is also a pro-active strategy:


  • Verify Switches
  • Review Billing
  • Supplier Issue Resolution
  • Manage Expiration

  • Price Management
  • Market Outlook
  • Blend/Extend
  • Layered Purchases

  • Qualify Suppliers
  • Product Review
  • RPF Administration
  • Offer Comparison
  • Contract Review

PLUS...with PowerPlay:

               ALL CUSTOMER SERVICE ISSUES are handled for you, and you are

               periodically updated on legislative changes and market conditions.

               You can review FUTURE offers AHEAD of contract expiration

               (layering supply purchases, or using blend/extend opportunities),

               expanding your supply options.