PROTECTIVE: PowerPlay combines creativity with a bias towards conservatism (to LIMIT price risk and overall costs).  Your supply quote results include SELECT suppliers based on a number of important variables (like SAFE agreement language, cost adjustment allowances, kWh usage limits, costs included in price, and supplier history).

TIMELY: BOTH your account AND market conditions are continually monitored, to assure you are presented any opportunity to take advantage.  PLUS you can review future offers ahead of expiration (layering in supply purchases when dictated by market conditions or account conditions), 
expanding your future supply options. 

About Us

Properly Licensed and in Good Standing with the Illinois Commerce Commission

(LIC# 10-0010)


The Energy Professionals Association


Association of Energy Engineers




THOROUGH: PowerPlay leverages our 25+ years of experience and knowledge of supply and product options, regional tariff and rate structures, and overall market conditions.  And with access to quotes from 65+ suppliers nationally, and 25+ suppliers in Illinois, your supply quote results represent the majority of electric supply options available.

our historY


With experience in the Illinois market

since 1999, PowerPlay consultants provide solutions to help manage and procure your company’s electricity and natural gas costs.  

Our customers purchase millions

of kilowatt hours of electricity annually,

in addition to natural gas supply and other related products (like Demand Response, and Wind/Solar Power REC’s).

Today, PowerPlay serves industrial and commercial clients of all sizes throughout Illinois and other deregulated states.